Thursday, January 30, 2014

How Many Golden Plungers Have You Earned?

With the onset of smartphones worldwide and a plethora of apps to go with them, there seems to be no end to the games and applications that can be downloaded for education or entertainment.
Even in the cleaning world this is the case. There are apps for manufacturers, cleaning associations and general cleaning topics. Now there's even a game app that incorporates learning and fun. The game is called Angry Janitors.
This app is downloadable at Google Play, iTunes App Store and Varying levels of clean can be attained in three stages: The School, The Office and The Hospital. High scores receive Golden Plungers. Players help three janitors named Sweepy, Squirty and Speedster to win plungers while learning about cleaning.
Try it out and see how many plungers you can accrue!
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